Our Vision


The urge of creating new ways of building community is now a reality. It is happening as a response to the pandemic that has pushed our society to a situation we had never experienced before in our lifetime (unless you are over 100 years old).

Our story starts with a musician gathering some of her friends at a recording studio sending out a positive and embracing message of hope and togetherness through original and improvised music.

It naturally became a Women led initiative and presented eight different creators in three sessions during last March when the COVID19 completely interrupted our lives across the globe.

Evolution (Work in progress)

After a reflection and observing time, The Quarantine Sessions team is committed to facilitate and build spaces for dialogue and collaboration between us ad other artists. We want also invite the audience to be part of the conversation on how we perceive and imagine our community.

Trying to keep the online concert experience as similar to the live music experience, we will be keeping the videos up only for 24 hours so afterward the artists can use them as their own material for any purposes they wish as the recording and video are professionally recorded (Unfortunately, we didn't have the professional video for the first series yet but the audio was our first priority those days and we achieved it satisfactorily).

About economical sustainability and transparency

To us at TQS, sustainability and transparency are fundamentals so we can build and work in the best interest to both, the artists and the audience.

Although we started with the open-to-all live-streaming approach, we have decided to switch to a sliding scale pay-per-view model to create awareness about the costs and value of a music concert and so making it economically sustainable as an ongoing project.

Since its beginnings, TQS has offered total transaprency to the Artists who have participated having all access to information about tickets sales, and costs involving their performance.

TQS has also donates part of their revenue to different non profit within the community (BLM Seattle, local food banks..).

Our Team

We are a very effective and creative team of independent musicians capable of imagining, designing and executing with success a variety of connecting musical experiences. Performance, pedagogy, production, recording, live stream ,composition and mentoring are the grounds of our expertise.  

Marina Albero

Award-winning pianist, composer and educator Marina Albero is a captivating performer born in Barcelona. Her piano-playing is an absolute celebration of life, and she draws on a lifetime of music tradition from her native Spain, to Cuba, to American jazz.

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Chava Mirel

Cross-genre singer, guitarist, composer, recording artist, spiritual leader and activist Chava imbues her music with themes of hope, caring, connection, inclusion, women’s and environmental issues.

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Jacqueline Tabor

Jacqueline Tabor is a premier jazz and blues-infused vocalist and a three-time winner of Earshot’s Golden Ear Award for Northwest Vocalist of the Year. Her most recent album, The Lady in the Gown, was released in 2018.

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Adriana Giordano

Recognized for her impecable work as the Brazilian Music producer of the Seattle area, she is also a celebrated singer and composer founder of Entremundos (Brazil-jazz) and Encanto (forro).

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