Enjoy some great memories from "The Quarantine Sessions"  

Artists Links

Explore and connect with the TQS growing family of independent womxn musicans. Brave, caring, strong, powerful, original and true, each creator has a unique story to tell in their own voice. 

Marina Albero

Her creativity expands beyond music itself and creates new sapces for her to connect with her audience. NW favorite for her personal sound and her engaging live performances.

Adriana Giordano

Recognized for her impecable work as the Brazilian Music producer of the Seattle area, she is also a celebrated singer and composer founder of Entremundos (Brazil-jazz) and Encanto (forro).

Jacqueline Tabor

The Seattle Chanteuse that brings elegance and warmth together. Award winning jazz vocalist that transforms each song into a heartfelt life story.  Premiering "Don't Explain"  very soon.

Chava Mirel

Cross-genre singer, guitarist, composer, recording artist, spiritual leader and activist Chava imbues her music with themes of hope, caring, connection, inclusion, women’s and environmental issues.


A talented and young strong voice with a rich personal background of music, cultures and languages. Serena's songs have sense of humor, reality and richness. Improvisation and composition are both natural states to her.   

Tiffany Wilson

Soul singer extraordinaire that reflects inner and outer change, politics, and the vision of a brighter future with magnetic live performances and unflinching honesty.

Shaina Shepherd

Known for her pervasive style as front woman to soul- grunge band BEARAXE, her notable vocal stylings have brought her into various creative spaces

and projects of all genres. 

Amelia Love Clearheart

Words made rhythm, flowing and pouring out as a rhyme with intention and pain, healing and love all at once. Multidisciplinary artist with a strong message and powerful presence..

JR Rhodes

J.R. Rhodes believes that music heals and that love is real. “It’s easy to be cynical. It takes a lot to be intentional. It takes a lot to love.” Her latest work "I Am" takes the listener into love and then heartache, through rebirth, and finally, up into freedom.